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Happy Birthday to Metal Sludge. Born September 1st 1998, today we turn sweet 16




Happy sweet 16th Birthday to Metal Sludge


The World Wide Web — Wow how time flies. Today Metal Sludge turns sweet 16.

Who could have ever imagined back in 1998 that we would still be here today.

Metal Sludge brought fans of rock, metal and hairbands together years before any of the other social media sites. How crazy is it to think that Metal Sludge was on the net a full 5 years before myspace even.

We would like to thank all the fans who have continued to support Metal Sludge over the years.

To this day we have thousands of readers per day and want to thank each and every one of you as we begin our 17th year on the web.

When did you first discover Metal Sludge? And do you remember the first time you read the site?

Now, just for fun go to www.waybackmachine.org and search www.Metal-Sludge.com, www.MetalSludge.com or www.MetalSludge.tv and you’ll see all the different designs the site had over the years. Also, all the old skool crazy articles, crazier photoshopped images (like the ones below) and much more.


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Metal Sludge
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  • ElectricGypsy

    amazing to think it’s still here.

    wow, how it has changed since early on. the days of references to Ozzy Stillbourne, Bastard Boy Floyd and the rest have long since disappeared. 20Qs are long gone, too. a lot of them were forgettable, but occasionally there was a gem.

    there were random dudes like Jim Bob Dwarf, or whoever he was, that rose to prominence on this site. so many fans were featured by the site. what did we call the dudes, Sludgeaholics? my memory is shot. all i know is that a Minnesota guy by the name of Tollywood was featured once. i remember seeing him, after seeing him on Sludge, outside a show. i think it was Brides of Destruction.

    remember the mailbag? i had a letter published in a mailbag. the one i remember was a letter ripping on Marq Torien. i signed it Jason McBastard.

    the Sludgescans were pretty cool. great info about concert ticket sales.

    there’s some good original content being produced today, but count Sludge among the many things that was better back in the day. but nothing lasts forever, just ask Gene Simmons about his “Tongue” magazine.

  • Russ Fierce

    Don’t forget C.C. Banana :D

  • ElectricGypsy

    didn’t forget him. he was quasi-famous as a result of Sludge, so i didn’t mention him. Jim Bob never made a name for himself beyond Sludge, as far as I know, and I wanted to mention somebody more obscure in my recollections.

    in looking at the Sludge Wikipedia page, i was reminded of the days when Sludge sponsored the concert. i never got close to any of them, but they were usually good for some entertaining reading after the fact.

  • ElectricGypsy

    found Tollywood’s Sludgeaholic page. http://www.metalsludge.tv/?p=29341

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Congrats, love your site.